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Proudly made here in the USA, A & W Devices, Inc. carries several styles of Flange and Pipe spreaders. The Side Winder Flange Spreader comes in two sizes and features a pin that holds the spreader to the Flange which prevents the spreader from ever falling out of the flange gap. It is fast, easy to install and saves time when removing and installing valves, gaskets, pumps, filters, meters, etc.

Our Side Winder Pipe Spreader utilizes a pair of chain clamps, a tube attachment and drive screw assembly to effectively separate pipe flanges. It attaches to the pipe on either side of the flanges with chain clamps and is operated by turning the main drive screw inside the pipe spreader tube. The Side Winder creates up to 5,000 pounds of spread force and fits all flange styles with pipe diameters 2” through 18”. It comes in 2 different operating spans, 5” through 30” and 5” through 42”, each with 2 size models.

The Pop-it Tool P95-525 mechanical flange spreader is compact, lightweight, and powerful. Weighing in at only 12 pounds, the P95-525 Pop-it Tool creates up to 10,000 pounds of spread force and an overall spread of 5.5”.
The Pop-it Tool PHD0535 mechanical flange spreader is the big brother to the P95-525. The PHD0535 weighs 35 pounds and can create up to 30,000 pounds of spread force and an overall spread of 8”.

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