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A & W Devices is a tool manufacturer specializing in tools for oil refineries, chemical plants, paper mills and general refining.  We specialize in Bleeder Cleaners aka Rod-Out Tools, Pipe Spreaders, Flange Spreaders, Pop-it Tools. With over 50 years experience in related industries, the staff at A & W Devices has a unique understanding of our client’s needs, thereby enabling us to adapt and customize our tools to fit your exact needs. Custom tool orders are always welcome. We strive for excellence. Each product is hand inspected for quality assurance.

A & W Devices is family owned and has proudly operated two manufacturing facilities in the USA for over 12 years. We ship to 20+ countries serving several large refining companies both here in the USA and overseas. Our experience with international shipping will ensure your order will arrive safely.

So whether your searching for just one Rod-Out tool, aka Bleeder Cleaner, Flange Spreader, Pipe Spreader, Pop-It Tool, or custom tool, or are seeking top quality tools for your entire operation, we are prepared to fill your order promptly.

ROD-OUT TOOLS ...unclogs small more piping while under pressure safely and efficiently. 60-degree Rod-Out ToolSIDE WINDER FLANGE SPREADER ...makes it easy to spread flanges apart for gasket replacement or blinding. Sidewinger Flange spreader SIDE WINDER PIPE SPREADER ...easy to use and fast to install - use with any type of flange. Side Winder Pipe Spreader POP-IT® TOOL ...easily spreads flanges. Outstanding for Emergency Rescue. Pop-It® Tool
THE BACKUP WRENCH ...when you just need an extra hand. TITAN FLANGE ALIGNMENT TOOL ...easy flange alignment. TOOL HOLDERS ...hold wrenches, chisels, etc. Tool Holder