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Flange Spray Deflector

Hydraulic flange spreader

• Minimizes spray when breaking flange sets
• Directs spray in a known direction
• Helps protect from chemical exposure and burns

The PETOL™ FLANGE SPRAY DEFLECTOR minimizes the spray produced when a flange set is broken open and allows the operator to direct the spray into a known direction. This device is designed to help protect the worker from the dangers of chemical exposure, hot water and/or steam burns caused by the spray of liquid or gas under pressure when unbolting flanged connections. Suitable applications for this tool include: first line breaks, low point breaks, hot bolting, blinding, and draining deflection and/or guiding. The PETOL Flange Spray Deflector’s simple design consists of a nitrile elastomer strap, tension adjustment bolt and a tension clamp.

The flange spray deflector is not intended to seal or contain any pressure or replace any personal protective equipment (PPE).



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